Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of day to do the Programme?

The programme may be used at any time of day. However, it is a good idea to timetable it for the same time every day as children like routine and look forward to it. It is not a good idea to do the Programme directly after eating.

Does the programme take up much time?

The programme takes about 10 minutes daily.

Do I need a lot of space to do the programme?

Most of the exercises are carried out on the spot. A General Purpose room or Sports Hall is the ideal although the Programme may be carried out in a smaller room.

Is the Programme difficult to follow?

No the children generally find the Programme easy. If a child finds the Programme very difficult it may be suggested that a parent/guardian engage a Neuro Developmental Treatment specialist privately.

Does a child need to be physically fit to participate?

No. However, some children who are obese may find any movement difficult.

Is P.E. clothing necessary?

Loose clothing is advisable. Some schools follow the programme with the children in the school uniform or tracksuit bottoms.

Does the Programme tire the children?

No. The children are generally more alert after the exercises, and some children with ADD or ADHD are reported as being better able to concentrate.

Does the Programme help every child?

Children who benefit most are those with coordination and/or specific learning problems. The children who are already reaching their potential are reported as enjoying the Exercise Programme.

How long is it necessary to follow the Programme in order to have maximum effect?

It is best to use the Programme for a period of six to nine months.

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